How to Maintain the Quality of Your Carpet

Carpets don’t only improve the aesthetic aspects of your home; it also makes the space cleaner and healthier to live. However, it becomes a burden if it’s too dirty and full of grime build-up. If you’re freaking out about the condition of your carpet, then follow the steps we compiled below.


Understand the Carpet 

The first thing to do to succeed on carpet maintenance is knowing more about your carpet, its fabric and the proper ways to clean it. There would be a lot to learn so you should be patient. Not all homeowners have bigger understanding of how to keep the carpet fresh and clean. You should also understand that even though some particles are microscopic, there are a lot of them which lurks in your carpet. If you don’t maintain your carpet, understand that it is dangerous to everyone’s health.  

Use Doormats 

Don’t forget to put doormats in your home. It’s really doing wonders on reducing the amount of dirt and sand that gets tracked inside the house. Using a doormat will help in keeping the carpet clean and fresh especially that it receives the dirt and sand first before the shoes gets in touch with the carpet.  

Vacuum Daily 

The carpet needs to be cleaned daily from everyday dirt and dust. The carpet will accumulate all those pollens and bacteria if you don’t do a daily maintenance. If you don’t have the luxury of time to vacuum, you can purchase a robotic vacuum that it do all the work. Vacuuming the carpet daily picks up debris and dirt before it penetrates into the carpet. If the carpet experiences less dirt, it’s going to expand its lifespan. 

Clean Spots Immediately 

Accidents happen all the time. If you have kids and pets, there’s a big chance that you’ll have pet stains and food stains on the carpet. Do not panic when this happens; quickly blot the stain using a clean towel. Never rub the stain or spills because it will worsen the situation. Cleaning the stains right away also reduce the bacteria associated with a stain.  

Use Deep Extraction 

Daily vacuum is a must, but your carpet deserves deep cleaning once in a while too. Vacuum only gets the surface dirt, and deep cleaning removes the dirt and dust that penetrates deep into the fibers. Hire carpet cleaners at Gulf Coast home carpet cleaning for steam cleaning that cleans the carpet from deep within.  


Once you’re done with your maintenance routine, try deodorizing the carpet. It might look clean and fresh after you clean it up but there are also harmful bacteria associated with an unpleasant odor. Try using enzymatic cleaning products that will really eliminate the odor off the carpet, not just masking it.  

Groom the Carpet 

Even though you always perform carpet maintenance, it will naturally be affected because of wear and tear overtime. The amount of traffic and dirt makes the carpet look old. So after a deep cleaning, make sure that it’s also professionally cleaned and groomed.  

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